I created this service for dentists due to the problems I faced when I became an owner of a practice. We are taught nothing about business in dental school, and when we start practicing we are told by many that "To be successful, you have to own your own practice!"

There are many consultants out there that deal with practice management, but they are very complicated, cost a lot of money, and come with manuals that become great paper weights.

Dentists need a PRACTICAL, HANDS ON APPROACH to learning, just like what we do when we are learning about a dental procedure, from simple fillings to implant surgeries. First we learn about the procedure, then we observe how the procedure is performed, and the final step is to perform the procedure. This is how the idea of Tell Show Do consulting originated.

Dr. Azeem Sheikh
Tell me and I will forget
Show me and I will remember
Let me do and I will understand

This service is LIKE NO OTHER - where you have a dentist, front desk/practice management person and a hygienist - this covers EVERY basis of the dental office. We are a PASSIONATE and ENERGETIC team that practices what we preach EVERY day in private practice. Throughout the service, we guide your entire TEAM and focus on what you want to achieve with your practice.

Most of my clients know what they want in 3-5yrs, just NOT HOW TO GET THERE! We can help make it simple, and help grow your practice the way you want.